welcome to envy 2.0

For more than a decade Envy has a distinct philosophy: let their guests taste the finest products and purest ingredients possible. Sometimes simple and sometimes with a gastronomic touch, combined or on their own but always full of flavour.

Welcome to Envy, here you can start with oysters or simple but beautiful cured meats and taste as many small dishes as you want. Of course combined with the best non-alcoholic cocktails, or something from our wide selection of wines or craft beers.

All the dishes and drinks have the same purpose: to seduce you!


Monthly interview: Chef Floris

Every month we are asking a few questions to someone of our vibrant Envy team. of course we started with chef Floris (26). He might seem a bit serious on the picture however within Envy he is known as the kitchen-comedian. Recently Floris got a new baby and we are not talking about him becoming a baby daddy, but about his newest asset, a dangerous but indispensable new Miyabi knife and ladies… this is a true romantic!


Eating in or eating out? Out!

What breakfast would you make for your one night stand in the morning? Poached eggs with a hollandaise sauce

What was the first star restaurant you ever ate? Ciel Blue** in Amsterdam back in 2009

Favorite restaurant? The Jane in Antwerp, Belgium

What is indispensable in your kitchen? Having fun and joking around from time to time!

Inspiration? From my daily environment and from the culinary trips I make. I’ve been to Lissabon last year and soon I am visiting London!

The trend if this year? I feel that this year everybody is looking even more to the source of products. I also notice that a lot with myself, I have the urge to know where a product comes from.

Favorite dish of Envy today? Lobster with bear leek and citrus cake.

Favorite tool in the kitchen? Without a doubt my new Miyabi knife from ‘Meesterslijpers’ which contains 3 different kinds of steal!

Want more Envy? Go to our website for more info and reservations!

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Envy videos

We love to show you how we find our products or get them from. Here is a short video of our trip to Jan Veerman Vis in Ijmuiden:


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Bib Gourmand & GaultMillau

For the tenth(!!) consecutive year, Michelin has awarded Envy with a 'Bib Gourmand'. In addition, Gault Millau has awarded us with 15 points. We are delighted and would like to invite you to celebrate this with us, every Monday night when our chef and his team offer a special tasting with 5 typical Envy dishes for €37,00.

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Dinner Cards!

Looking for the perfect gift? IQ Creative, the company behind several succesful Amsterdam restaurants has a special dinnercard for use in all of their restaurants. With such a wide range of choices thé perfect gift for each occasion.

Enjoy Mediterranean cuisine at Mazzo , BBQ dishes at Julius bar&grill, special delicacies at Envy and Wolf Atelier. For the perfect glass of wine near the Amsterdam canals you’ll find Vyne, and if you´re looking for extravaganza: supperclub or supperclub cruise. Feel like a casual drink? Come to HOPPA! for a wide selection of craft beers which are brewed by small Amsterdam brewery's. In for a classy drink? Join us at Apt. and enjoy an old fashioned, surprising cocktail or a good whiskey in a homey setting.

The IQ Creative Dinner Card has a value of € 25,- and is valid at the following restaurants: supperclub, supperclub cruiseEnvy, Nevel, Vyne, Mazzo, Heineken Hoek, Wolf Atelier, Julius bar&grill, Hoppa, Apt and Mercat.

Want to order an IQ Creative Dinner Card? Click here!

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Speaking of our staff! The Envy team is a young, friendly and dynamic team that all have one thing in common: They love hospitality and share a passion for good food and drinks. They work as colleagues but are also good friends. As a guest you will notice that they try their best to let everybody enjoy an Envy evening!

Envy is a talent pool and a great first step for staff who want a career in hospitality or the kitchen. With the ambition they have they regularly ended up in Michelin starred restaurants. There are already a few names of chefs that have turned out well like Remco van de Weerd (The Dylan* en binnenkort The Gin Sum Club), Nick Bril (The Jane*, Oud Sluis***), Richard van Oostenbrugge (Bord'Eau**) and Michael Wolf (Oud Sluis***, Vila Joya**, Wolf Atelier).

Although we also have to say good bye to the talents who continue their career, we are extremely proud to be a platform for them. Of course we always keep on looking for new talented people.


It’s possible to make reservations below through our reservation system. Or, you can also just walk in whenever you are in the neighbourhood. Questions about groups or other options? Please contact our sales team. You can send them an email; info@envy.nl

Our showpiece is of course the chefs table. If you book this table you will get a full Envy experience that consists of an 8(+) chefs menu.



Prinsengracht 381
1016 HL Amsterdam
+31 20 344 64 07

opening hours

Friday, Saturday and Sunday
12h00 – 15h00

7 days a week
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kitchen opening hours

Monday to Sunday
Until 23h00